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Aspen Electronics

NiCad Battery Charger/Discharger
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Aspen Electronics ROQ-4 NiCad Battery Charger/Discharger
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Item ID 356232
Manufacturer Aspen Electronics
Model ROQ-4
Part Number
Description NiCad Battery Charger/Discharger
Made In United States
Weight 12 lbs
Manual -
Condition In use when removed
Cosmetic Excellent
Qty Available 1


The ROQ-4 is a four channel sequential fast charger/discharger designed for NP, BP, and Brick style batteries. Using intelligent microcontroller technology, the ROQ-4 provides automatic defective battery feedback, fast charge/discharge multitasking, simultaneous maintenance charging, and battery sequence memorization. The ROQ-4 is housed in a rugged, yet lightweight, compact steel case and comes with a carrying handle for portability.

Nominal Charge times :
NP-1BEQ: 1 hr
NP-35: 1.5 hrs
NHP-50: 2 hrs
If otherwise specified, all of our products carry a 30 Day warranty

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